In this time of uncertainty, we will be keeping you informed of relevant developments that impact you and the work we are doing for you, including our responses and procedures to contain the spread of Covid-19.

Impact on your taxes: Yesterday the US Treasury Secretary Mnuchin announced that taxpayers will be able to defer payment of up to $1,000,000 of taxes otherwise due on April 15 for up to 90 days with no interest or penalty. Mnuchin did not address 2020 estimated tax payments, payroll taxes, or estate and gift taxes and did not otherwise delay the April 15 filing deadline. April 15 is the usual deadline for funding IRAs, Health Savings Accounts, and other matters that still need to be considered. We hope to hear more details soon from the IRS on these matters. For state tax developments see the AICPA list here.

GDP office policies: Our offices remain open for now, but we are taking preventive measures in accordance with CDC and State government guidance. We discourage in-person visits and meetings. You may drop off documents, but we prefer that you avoid doing so if possible. We request that you instead send any documents to us via US mail or Fedex or electronically using ShareFile If you need assistance with ShareFile please call our office – VT 802-846-2000, NC 704-558-6010. Or email us – all of our email addresses are found on our web site here: We will deliver or return your documents and tax returns by mail or electronic means only.

We are practicing social distancing in the office. We are not going to client locations in-person. Many of our staff are working from home.

The good news is that GDP’s technology enables everyone on our team to work seamlessly from remote locations. We will be available to you as always. Phone calls and emails will be answered as usual, perhaps not quite as quickly, but timely. The wheels will keep turning and work progressing regardless of where anyone is located.

Impact on the work we do for you: Because of the school and daycare closings and other responses, some of our staff are unable to work as many hours as they normally would during this time of year. Therefore, it will take a bit longer to get things done this year, but our focus is on getting your work done as quickly as possible given the circumstances.

Thank you: These measures are necessary to preserve the health of our team, their families, you and yours, those at special risk, and the general public, and help to curtail the spread of the virus. We so very much appreciate your business and loyalty and thank you for putting your trust in us. We look forward to continuing to serve your needs and getting back to normal as soon as possible.

The strength of the combined efforts and spirit of our communities, and the care and support that we have for each other will carry us all through. We are all in this together. Please share our optimism and keep our heads up and moving forward.

Please contact us if you have any questions. Look for future updates from us as developments happen.